About me

About me

Welcome to my website which I hope it will be of service to others. I have a role in life, as a student of Knowledge: I study chess, reading{fiction and non fiction}, math, computer programs, internet, psychology, yoga, house chores and so on.


Mainly however, I see myself as someone whose purpose is to help others through my ideas.  I have a great interest also in sharing my experiments on handling life, in order to help other people attain heighten awareness through information.


The more I communicate with others I expand my own understanding, which gives me greater sat(existence), chit(knowledge) and ananda(ecstasy).




The Story: Mental weakness

Throughout my early schooldays, I was poor student. The reason is that, I could not pay attention to the teacher and my school work. It was a humiliating experience having to sneak and look on other students papers. The worse part was getting caught. Sometimes teachers would overlook this and look the other way.


I realized not doing my studies and homework were completely counter-productive. This made me determined to find a way to develop my academic skills.




knowledge is power

I would struggle to try to use my brain. I began to work hard at homeschooling, in order to strengthen my mind, from my school books my father would give me math, reading and analysis exercises, and have me go over my homework several times.


In the beginning this training exercise was tedious for me. It was boring not to be able to calculate my math equations correctly, reading daily gave me headaches frequently, and my mind was very unclear.


First, you’re never just objectively improve. You’re always playing an opponent, whether its other students, a teacher to try to catch you by surprise or if the state of your mind is unfocused, and your success must be relative always dependent on the performance level of your awareness and school academic changes or updates over time.


Seeing my father give me countless examples of his mental clarity from mastery of chess and my mother’s buisness managerial skill, gave me a desire not to quit.


Every day I struggled not to dropout of school, by constantly reminding myself that like my parents, I wanted access to the Mental Plane one day.




Mental plane is the next frontier

Over the years I have been learning how to attempt to go to the mental plane. The mental plane is a higher vibrational reality that is almost impossible to detect or enter.


It requires comsummate skill at thinking about something which could be anything. What makes it hard is one must analyze a topic with one pointed mind.

  • Reading factual material fills your mind with data about the world around you. Non fiction books are essentially important and help to demystify what is going on in life. The invaluable quality is that they tell real facts and does not create a fantasy reality to place a story.


  • They can talk about science, history, culture, objective world view, psychology, memoirs and so on. It gives exact data that can be for research or for improvement of one’s own insight into nature.


  • Absorbing fictional literature is not only fun, but strengthens one’s imagination. Scientists found that becoming involved in a story increases links in the brain and enhances performance of the brain.


  • Reading fiction has been shown to improve the reader’s ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes and flex the imagination in a way that is similar to the mental visual exercises of an instinctive memory in day to day physical activities and sports.


  • Math is important in a lot of different professions. Whether one is wealthy or poor, knowledgeable or ignorant, if trained in simple math operations, he or she can become  rich in many ways through developing judgment in life and acquiring good business sense. Like being skilled in reading and writing, math skills are also useful in life.


  • The most important skills gotten from math are the less obvious benefits of a strong math background. Many jobs and hobbies will require a quick mind that is logical and able to creatively solve problems.


  • Each of those skills can be perfected by studying math. It may not seem like you will use the things you learn, but they will improve your mind and your ability to be flexible and achieve success with goals that give you the skill set to do anything you want to do in life.


  • Studying and writing in your language gives one insight on how peoples thoughts and emotions evolve overtime.


  • People who write well tend to be better able to think in an organize fashion and recognize patterns in numerous different situations. More importantly, a good writer is able to communicate their ideas to the world and may be able to help others grow in understanding life.


  • Chess Training is essential for boosting brain power to awesome levels. Chess is one of the most powerful mental tools that can power up the mind. It teaches you how to think, calculate, see, and solve very complex problems.  It can enhance academic skills like math, language, judgement, concentration, and reading skills, which will also improve reasoning skills in sports and life in general.



Everyone is searching for the hidden meaning of life. Which is to be a success. My goal is  to liberate others into the light(knowledge) with data, by give them stratagems to fight  against darkness(ignorance).


This site is an arena for anyone who would like to start off in Mental body building(activation of intelligence) – a place for ideas, tips, advice, motivation and connecting. I hope you enjoy it and find it a useful place to visit. Please come back as much as you like.



If you ever  have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All the best,


5 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Thank you for this.
    Enlightenment through your experience at school. I especially loved what you wrote in regards to reading fiction to really grasp and get into another person’s shoes. Aka. Empathy.

    Very well written. I will definitely pop over again soon!

  2. Thank you for this.
    Enlightenment through your experience at school. I especially loved what you wrote in regards to reading fiction to really grasp and get into another person’s shoes. Aka. Empathy.
    It totally resonates with me.
    Very well written. I will definitely pop over again soon!

  3. Hi Linda, Your story is very interesting! One of the reasons you may have had trouble in school is that you were bored with what they were teaching. You actually may have been more advanced, Also, there are the problems of attention span…I am an adult and I still have that problem! You just learn to cope with it a bit better as you get older.

    1. That is so true I was having trouble paying attention. I am working on improving my concentration with mentals like chess, because I realize to really live, one has to be here now(pay attention).

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