Does Automatic thinking really exist or is it just a hoax?:


Does Automatic thinking really exist or is it just a hoax?:

What is automatic thinking in psychology? There is a debate about whether automatic thoughts are real or just a

pseudoscientific myth. Automatic thoughts are ideas that flash in your head when a trigger(event or action) occurs.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), if the person examines their core beliefs, thoughts,

feelings and observes patterns of behaviors that are influencing their outlook on life, then automatic thoughts can be

detected and examined. Examining automatic thoughts will lead to an awareness of some ingrained ideas that are

causing emotional pain.

CBT(Cognitive behavioral therapy) is joint therapy, requiring the patient and therapist to work together to try and

eliminate bad thinking. When we look at any position in life it is colored not only by what we see on the surface, but is

linked to many other concepts that have been unconsciously connected to it.

Some people doubt that automatic

thinking is real.

To them, it looks impossible that a seemingly invisible agency in us could process environmental data, which helps us

to navigate our world. The trick is to train the mind rigorously with chess. Intense chess practice will give you a lot of

practice thinking.

Honing the reasoning skill is a sure way to develop judgment and the control to perceive the

automatic thinking faculty.

The recognition of negative thoughts in the background of one’s mind is the beginning of a possible recovery.

How does automatic thinking work:

For example, when we wash the dishes, we may be paying attention to how we scrub a plate in some soapy warm

water, and at the same time, we are reviewing yesterday’s events. Maybe we’re thinking about what we had for

lunch, a conversation we had with one of our coworkers or trying to figure out if we left some of our secretarial

duties incomplete.

This is our automatic mind at work – we’re able to think about our day while managing to move our hands to wash

the dishes, our eye is on the clock making sure we finish in a timely fashion, as well as monitoring cooking dinner on

the stove! When the need is imperative, we can switch gears to focus on the task at hand.

Usually, we snap out of our semi-conscious state when it becomes apparent that dinner is almost ready.

See our abdominal brain(unconscious mind) looks at the world through our senses, neural network, and indirectly through our brain(conscious mind).

We are always

performing actions or experiencing certain events.

This reinforces strong impressions that you get from doing certain tasks regularly. The good side is that our instinctive

the mind can do the task better over time.

Harmful effects of bad automatic thoughts:

Unfortunately, stress due to trying to improve or handle an event well can sometimes be very damaging. This stress

affects your emotions by making you depressed for failing at a task until you master it. Even if you don’t quit before

you acquire some skill with a certain task,

mastering a task depending on the person and circumstances may leave a

mental scar(automatic negative thoughts).

Negative unconscious thinking can cause a variety of psychological maladies. A person that is constantly engaging in

crappy thoughts will suffer from poor self-esteem. Soon low self-esteem will generate Fear of failure in life. This mental

scar may lead to constant anxiety.

The anxiety that happens too often may raise the heart rate leading to a heart attack. The pain of events triggering

these bad episodes are so stressful that misery will be your daily bread. Being down and out all the time will make

sleeping almost impossible to achieve thereby making it more likely that sickness will set in.

How can one sleep when their semi-conscious thoughts are relentlessly making them feel ill at ease. For that matter,

you’ll be lucky if you can get any rest at all.

Chess training will give you the ability to see poisonous ideas in the background of your mind. Boosting your skill in

solving problems with chess will aid you in coming up with solutions on how to slowly weed out ill thoughts. The glory

of cutting out negative thoughts will make it possible to eliminate stress buildups.

Reducing stress will improve your health more and more. Then you will surely be on the road to happiness.

Please give me your opinion on the meaning of this subject.

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