Learning emotional intelligence will bring a ever new joy to your life



Self analysis a direct approach to emotional intelligence:


It is imperative for all to develop emotional intelligence by self
analysis of their state of mind. Learning emotional intelligence will bring new joy.


It is within your reach to develop
sharp introspection by practicing 20-60mins a day. Introspect by sitting in a quiet room where you can’t be disturbed.


Just breathe slowly and deeply for about 10mins.


You’ll feel more relax. Continue to relax further by observing your body and if you feel any tenseness in some area of your body just say to yourself “relax and be at peace”.


Just say to your body “you deserve to have peace for everything is alright”. Doing this daily will program your subconscious to listen to you and soon relaxation will be instant.


Then you’ll realize how much hidden stress has been afflicting your body, mind, and soul. The next phase is to pay attention to your thoughts.


In time, it will
become very clear the types of thought patterns you engage in on a
daily basis and how you instinctively react to them.


Observing how your react to your train of thoughts is to witness the
process of how your emotional system works.


Becoming familiar with how
you feel about things in general will give you an inner map of your “mental
body”(the mind).


Then you’ll have to learn how to tweak it in order to refine your
inner state of being. Patiently you will learn to redefine each thought
so that when you engage in stressful thinking you’ll quickly diffuse it.


If you pay attention and become aware of anxiety building up inside,
all you have to do is find out why you feel nervous.


Then when you
figure out the reason why, you can work on a way to get around the
situation that is causing this.


The solution may be to carry out a plan to eliminate this fear by
avoiding environmental stressors triggering your anxiety or it may
simply be to modify how you perceive something by looking at it calmly
to stop stress from building up.



One can practice this mental gymnastic exercise once a day by
converting negative stressful thoughts to positive logical thoughts that
make improvements.


Now this is a clear way to bring more joy in your


Boosting emotional intelligence is a matter of skillfully watching
the thoughts and converting how you react to them in order to reduce
stress and augment the power of the mind.


Harnessing the power of
emotions activates the subconscious mind so that it is much easier to
learn anything.




Chess hones one’s reasoning skill to assess and correct how we think and feel in order to augment emotional



Although chess is viewed as a purely calculating training tool for
better judgment and clarity of mind, it has other elements that can
boost your emotional control and awareness.


Female grand master judit polgar states, “chess is 30 to 40%
psychology”. This statement from a season player makes it pretty self
evident that the human element is clearly involved.


Playing a competitive game against an opponent requires patience
meaning you must have nerves of steel.


One can’t rush in a chess battle
against a foe, because it takes time to develop a solid position with a
sound chess opening.


From a good chess opening which is the early part of the game it is
possible to think of the type of attack you will use on your opponent in
the middle game this is called chess strategy.


Chess strategy is the middle game where you come up with a secret
plan on how you will conduct war against the opposing chess pieces based
on a number of factors.


You have to take into consideration your
emotional state. If you are aware of your mood then you can use a style
based on how you feel making the chess experience a lot more fun.


For example if your in a passive mood you may come up with a
stonewall like system that makes your position like an iron fortress
hard for the opposing side to mount a successful attack.


This can be
very frustrating on your opponents nerves spending a lot of time trying
to break through your barricade.


Now suppose your in a particularly aggressive mood, then you may
play an opening that allows for explosive middle game strategical


Allowing you to hit your chess opponent from so many angles.


This can make the game deadly and exhilarating.


What brings in the
complexity is that not only must you come up with a logical game plan
of how to play that is tailored by your state of mind, but you have to
seriously tune into your opponents position, his mood, possible counter
attacks, and maybe even read his battle plan.



Depending on you and your competitor’s judgment of the position will
determine the kind of chess ending that will occur.


The chess ending is
perhaps the most difficult part of the game.


The difficulty lies in that there are a few pieces on the board
making it much harder to intuit how to proceed.


When you have a lot a
pieces on the board the limitations imposed by chess pieces and pawn
structure reduce the candidate moves possible.



Be smart about who you are and emotional intelligence is easy:


Emotional intelligence is mainly about reading your internal state,
being aware of the psychological impact of your external environment has
on your, and empathically being in touch with your fellow man.


emotional intelligence is about modifying your thought process to be in
harmony with your feelings.


The integration of cold reasoning and passionate feeling leads to
great success. One of the greatest success in life is to be filled with
joy all the time.


There can be no real success if you are all head(intellect) leading
to a cold practical unhappy existence or if you’re all heart(feeling)
leading to a life of making stupid decisions, which will certainly lead
to disaster down the road.


Mastering emotional intelligence is much easier if you train with
chess regularly. Because chess is a great tool for seeing how your mind


Since the mind is elusive and for some people considered nonexistent,
chess helps you shed light on the darkness inside you.


A life of
training in emotional intelligence and chess will make you so focus that
it will even impact everyone around you.




Harnessing the power of your mind with chess, competing at the chess club, and utilizing emotional intelligence to read others moods will make you excel in social situations, because other sensitive people that are around you will slowly develop more harmony, success, and joy.


This power that you shall attain makes you an invaluable ally.


I would enjoy hearing your own opinion on this matter.



2 thoughts on “Learning emotional intelligence will bring a ever new joy to your life”

  1. Hi Linda,
    Do you feel playing chess and the introspection/meditation would be good for someone with PTSD? I have tried meditating before by trying to count my breathes but I always end of failing and getting frustrated.
    Thank you

  2. I totally agree with you. Self reflection is crucial in understanding and changing ourselves. Chess is certainly a good exercise but I figure any game that boost logical thinking would be helpful as well.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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